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9 Places In Malaysia For Animal Lovers To Volunteer At

If you love animals and want to help them out directly, join these volunteer programs currently being held by the following organisations. By volunteering, you can encounter new experiences and make a real positive difference in these animals’ lives.

Source: Juara Turtle Project Facebook

#1 Juara Turtle Project, Pulau Tioman, Pahang

The Juara Turtle Project began as a conservation project run by the Fisheries Department Malaysia (FDM) in 2001 with the aim of protecting sea turtle nesting sites and their surrounding ecosystems. Today, it is an independent NGO that has been working toward the conservation of sea turtles for more than 10 years, with more than 200 volunteers, school groups and university students from all over the world coming every year to help.

Volunteers will be able to participate in night beach patrols, beach clean-ups, releasing turtle hatchlings to the ocean and other activities. Those interested in volunteering may read more about the program here.

Contact them on Facebook or Instagram or send them an email.

Source: PAWS Facebook

#2 PAWS, Subang

PAWS Animal Welfare Society is a non-profit animal shelter in Petaling Jaya that has been in operation since 1987. It accepts unwanted dogs and cats and gives them another chance at finding a loving new home.

Volunteers may choose to spend time with any animal they want and do the kind of work that they enjoy. If you do not have any specific activities you want to do, you can just help out at the shelter such as cleaning or spending time with the animals. Read more about the program here if you are interested.

For further inquiries, contact them on Facebook or Instagram or send them an email. You can also call them through this phone number: +6011 2193 5651

#3 Zoo Negara, Selangor

Zoo Negara has a volunteer program for those who want to help the zoo and its animals out in various ways.

Volunteers may be able to aid the zoo in promotions, research, enrichment, education, groundskeeping/horticulture and other areas. They may also get the chance to help the zookeepers look after the animals or maintain their enclosures. Read more about the volunteer program here.

For further enquiries, please call: +603-4108 3422 and ask for the departments listed here.

Source: MYCAT Facebook

#4 MYCAT, Kuala Lumpur

With less than 200 Malayan tigers left in the wild, it is clear that they need our help more than ever. MYCAT has organised the Cat Walk program where you can help certified volunteer leaders to remove snares and take part in other activities such as bird-watching and trekking. Read more about Cat Walks here and if you’re interested, sign up here.

For information, contact MYCAT on its Facebook or Instagram, or send them an email. You can also phone this number: +60 3 2715 6701.

Source: SPCA Facebook

#5 SPCA, Selangor

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (SPCA Selangor) is one of the oldest and most respected animal welfare organisations in the country, promoting the pillars of shelter and adoption, spay/neuter services, education, investigation of animal abuse, assistance to caregivers, lobbying the government, and farm animal welfare. Since its establishment in 1958, the SPCA has given more than 86,000 cats and dogs a forever home.

If you love cats and dogs and want to do your part in bringing compassion and kindness to shelter animals, then consider volunteering at the SPCA. Duties and activities include housekeeping, dog-walking, animal socialisation and assisting at pet expos, school fairs and family expos. For more inquiries, contact them through their email or through their phone number: 03-4256 5312. You can also visit their Facebook, Youtube or Instagram for more info.

#6 Second Chance Animal Shelter, Selangor

Another place for dog and cat lovers in Selangor to volunteer is the Second Chance Animal Shelter (SCAS). From its humble origins of sheltering 12 motherless fur babies at a wet market in Jalan Kelang Lama in September 2009, SCAS now operates as a registered NGO, a no-kill animal shelter that has rescued more than a thousand stray dogs in Selangor and successfully rehomed about 50% of them.

Volunteers will be able to help out by participating in a ‘gotong-royong’ exercise, from painting the kennels to washing the shelter’s dogs. Visit here for information and contact SCAS through their Facebook, Instagram or email for further inquiries.

#7 Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue Foundation, Selangor

Here’s another place for dog and cat lovers to volunteer at! The Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR) Foundation is a non-profit, no-kill, volunteer dog rescue organisation serving the Selangor area in Malaysia. They are dedicated to rescuing homeless cats and dogs and giving them a loving, committed and responsible forever home.

Volunteers can help these animals by giving hands-on care to animals, contributing to the health and well-being of these cats and dogs. If you are interested in volunteering, please send them an email.

Source: Bornean Sun Bear Rescue Conservation Centre Facebook

#8 Bornean Sun Bear Rescue Conservation Centre, Sabah

The world’s smallest bear is under threat. The total sun bear population has declined by at least 30% in the last 30 years contributing to sun bears being classified as ‘vulnerable to extinction in 2007. If you want to do your part to help this endangered species then volunteer at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC). Founded in Sabah, Malaysia in 2008, it is the only sun bear conservation centre in the world, aiming to provide care and rehabilitation to rescued sun bears and raise awareness of the species internationally.

Volunteers can help the centre’s sun bears by providing animal husbandry, enrichment and construction as well as gain fieldwork experience, learn more about sun bears and educate school children on them. Learn more about the volunteer program here, and contact them through their email, Facebook or Instagram.

Source: Perhentian Turtle Project Facebook

#9 Perhentian Turtle Volunteering

Here’s another program for turtle lovers to join! The Perhentian Turtle Project (PTP) was officially established in 2015 as a sea turtle research and conservation initiative under Fuze Ecoteer Outdoor Adventures Sdn. Bhd. in the Perhentian Islands Marine Park. It aims to conserve the sea turtle population of the Perhentian Island Marine Parks by monitoring them via photo ID and increasing awareness as well as engagement among the Perhentian Community

Volunteers play a pivotal role in the continuation of the PTP. You can help the dedicated staff with collecting data on foraging and nesting turtles via kayaks and night patrols whilst experiencing Malay culture and marine encounters. Visit here for more information and contact PTP through their Facebook, Instagram or phone number: +60 13-359 2289.

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