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7 Noteworthy Organisations To Volunteer With In Penang

kechara soup kitchen

Penang is well-known as a tourist spot for both foreign and local holidaymakers. in Malaysia. The island is abundant with its food galore, sandy beaches and timeless architecture. It is also not short of opportunities to give back to society through various means. 

Here are seven meaningful places to volunteer ranging from animal shelters to conservation efforts of Penang heritage sites. 

#1: Kechara Soup Kitchen

The soup kitchen needs no further introduction. Since 2008, the non-religious community action group has been serving the underserved communities in Malaysia. Their aids include food distribution, medical assistance and counselling services[1]

The soup kitchen has expanded over the years and is stationed in major Malaysian cities such as Penang and Johor. As a volunteer, your contribution can range from performing kitchen chores, food distribution or medical aid assistance.

Visit the Kechara Soup Kitchen’s volunteer page for more information on their volunteer guidelines, current standard operating procedures (SOP), schedule and contact details. 

#2: Women’s Centre For Change (WCC) Penang

WCC Penang advocate and support survivors of gender-related violence and discrimination. The organisation also provide counselling services to domestic abuse survivors, sexual harassment and marital problems. If you resonate with the organisation’s vision of an inclusive society free from gender violence and women actualising their full potential – this is the right place for you[2]

You can help WCC with your time and skills at their offices or their social enterprises, WCC Value Shops. As a volunteer at their offices, you may help with conducting talks, researching, translating or working on administrative tasks. Alternatively, there are two social enterprises that WCC is currently running and would benefit from your helping hand.

Find out more about how you can be involved with WCC Penang.

#3: Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Penang

If you’re an animal lover and seek to provide help to animal shelters in Penang, SPCA Penang is always on the lookout for volunteers to assist them in various scales. It is a non-profit community-based organisation with a primary emphasis on protecting and caring for animals[3]

Your time and efforts can be provided through washing, cleaning and painting the kennels. Alternatively, administrative tasks and helping out with fundraising is also possible. However, if you would prefer to spend time with the animals, bathing and socialising with animals are also part of the job scope. 

Keep your eyes peeled on the next SPCA volunteer briefing through their event calendar and sign up if you are available.

#4: Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital

The Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital is a not-for-profit Catholic hospital that serves all persons regardless of nationality, race, belief or income with love and care[4]. The hospital is built on the vision to provide the best and affordable cancer treatment and care. 

Pre-pandemic, the hospital sought out volunteers to help them with administrative tasks to ease the burden of their healthcare practitioners. However, the hospital is open to volunteers who would help them with daily tasks such as assisting patients in wheelchairs, distributing food and refreshments to the outpatients and gardening. They also welcome volunteers with special skills to entertain the cancer fighters, such as singing and reading.

Show your support to cancer patients and help the medical practitioners by volunteering at the hospital

#5: Befrienders Penang

Befrienders Penang is on a mission to prevent suicide by providing mental support and alleviating loneliness, one call at a time. Not just that, the organisation have extended their wings and lent their empathetic shoulders through Whatsapp messaging, emails and face-to-face sessions [5]

If you are a good listener, have a compassionate heart and are willing to spare your time to understand the inner turmoils of Penangites and Malaysians – learn more about how you can extend your help to those in need via Befrienders Penang.

#6  Penang Heritage Trust (PHT) 

Georgetown, Penang made it to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2008 [6]. The pillar of this achievement was the Penang Heritage Trust, which has vigorously campaigned for ten years to uplift Georgetown’s status [7]. Since then, the organisation’s efforts in conserving the heritage sites in Penang to retain the fêted status have only doubled. 

Over the years, PHT has set up multiple “ Penang Story Lectures”, gathering historians and academics on knowledge sharing sessions. Not just that, the organisation rewards those who have been pivotal in the conservation of Penang’s rich culture through its “Living Heritage Treasures Awards.” Further, to sustain and pass on artisans’ legacy, the Penang Apprenticeship Programme or Artisans were established for that very purpose.

You too can play a part in protecting Georgetown’s heritage status, find out more here

#7 Water Watch Penang (WWP)

Established in 1997, WWP is a non-profit organisation under the Sustainable Penang Initiative.  The organisation is set to educate Penangites and ensure that the Penang residents at large are water savvy and climate-resilient [8].  

WWP actively organises awareness programmes and conducts research to improve water management strategies. Help them to raise awareness on the importance of every single drop of water by signing up here.

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