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6 Brands With A Good Cause. A Great Reason To Spend!

An American study revealed that 90% of Generation Z believe that companies have a responsibility to help environmental and social issues. This also translates to 75% of Generation Z’s that will research a company first to ensure they are being honest when publicly taking a stand on issues[1].

Responsible spending is the new ‘IN’ thing. The new generation of youths, Generation Z in particular has grown to become more conscious of the brands they are supporting and the source of the products they are investing in.

According to a study, Generation Z’s across Asia Pacific (in this case Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Thailand) have admitted to caring about sustainable consumption[2].

This means they prefer organic food, environmentally friendly products, and even ethical fashion.

Source: The Drum

In China, 60% of Generation Z and Millennials in the survey are trying to minimise the negative effects of their eating habits on the environment. Of these people, half of both Generation Z and Millennials alike admitted to being on the lookout for locally sourced produce[2].

But guilt-free spending extends to more than just ethically sourced products. Some companies and brands are constantly dedicating their proceeds and products to social good.

Ever feel like you’re not doing enough? Does your heart give a little twinge of guilt whenever you buy something and remember those that have to do without? There’s a way to kill two birds with one stone.

Why not shop at brands that give back to society? There are local brands which dedicate a portion, if not all of their proceeds to charity. Some even help the environment by creating environmentally friendly and waste-free products. 

Here are 6 brands that can help you kick-start your charitable year of 2021!

1. Quench by The Hope Factory

Source: Hope Factory

Quench is a brand of locally produced 500ml mineral water bottles in order to create awareness in six different areas of need in Malaysia. 15% of their sales are funnelled into 6 areas of critical needs for the community such as education, medical care, hunger prevention, animal rights, child protection, and sheltering the homeless[3]. Support them on their Facebook and Instagram.

2. Fugeelah

Source: Fugeelah

Run by the Fugee School Malaysia, which is recognised by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) as a non-profit school especially for refugee children in Malaysia. Fugeelah was founded as a self-sustaining initiative selling lifestyle accessories such as jewellery and clutch bags which feature unique print motifs inspired by the various cultures of the refugee children at their school[3]. Collections of their jewellery pieces and other items can be found here.

3. Gerai OA

Source: Gerai OA

The name is self-explanatory, as this brand is a stall specialising in selling Orang Asal handicrafts in order to benefit the Orang Asal communities in Malaysia. Their business is mobile, popping up wherever there is a business opportunity to sell Orang Asli handicrafts such as clutch bags and baskets[3]. There’s no need to fret however, you can also purchase their products on Facebook.

4. Baked KL[3]

Source: Baked KL

Not only does this brand sell healthy homemade baked goodies, but they donate the proceeds to charity too! Feel good whilst enjoying your treats knowing that you’ve also contributed to a good cause. An online bakery based in KL, 10% of their total sales are donated to a beneficiary of their choice each year. Everything is made to order, and they promise same-day deliveries for anyone within their delivery area. They even offer wheat-free and vegan options to suit your dietary needs[3]. Buy yourself a treat here.

5. The Hive[4]

Source: First Classe

Based in Kuala Lumpur, The Hive is a zero-waste store that specialises in selling organic food in bulk. The use of packaging has been eliminated, in line with the store’s ideals, which protects the environment by reducing waste. But that’s not all their contributions. All of the products are locally sourced through collaborations with ethical farms and local businesses to give you food products and other lifestyle items such as soaps and even metal straws[4].

6. Ibupreneur Malaysia

Source: NGO Hub

Ibupreneur is unlike any company on this list where it is a singular online marketplace which supports and hosts mothers with the skill of baking. 100% of sales are reinvested into Ibupreneur. 60% goes to the mothers, while 40% goes back into sales operations. It began as a social project from three young women through the Youth Leadership Academy, which is an initiative by McKinsey & Co.

They’ve built Ibupreneur into a successful online marketplace by providing advice and training to the baking mothers and micro-entrepreneurs. All Ibuprenuers and Head of Operations are certified in the Food Handling Course from EQ Quality Training PLT as recognised by the Ministry of Health.

They deliver to Selangor and all areas of Klang Valley. However, you’ll have to pre-order at least 3 days in advance, and they are even open to receiving orders 1 month in advance for bulk orders. The good news is that they even deliver to other Malaysian states, Singapore and even Brunei for certain cakes and cookies. Try some of their goodies here.

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