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5 Companies Turning Profits Into Goodwill

In Part 1 and Part 2 of Wiki Impact’s CSR series, we’ve explored several brands that have demonstrated steadfast commitment towards the community at large by embracing corporate social responsibility.

In this article, we wish to highlight another 5 corporations that have actively played their roles as change agents in the socio-economic transformation of the country. Their aspirations for Malaysia soar higher than just generating profits and developing world-class buildings and infrastructures — they also endeavour to promote sustainable economies and serve the needy.

Discover the heartwarming CSR stories of these inspirational brands by reading below!

1. KFC

Source: Add Hope Malaysia (KFC) | Facebook

With its extensive network of restaurants, employees and vendors, KFC Malaysia pledges unwavering support to worthy causes and hopes to spread love by giving back to the community. Since the early years of its inception, KFC Malaysia had undertaken numerous CSR initiatives in alignment with this corporate philosophy. 

Beginning with Community Care Stores in 1986, KFC introduced restaurants operated specifically by speech and hearing impaired persons. More than 350 people with disabilities have been hired through these outlets alone, and to date, they have 3 such stores located in Sentul Raya, Tanjung Aru and Matang. Aimed at creating avenues for individuals to lead a decent livelihood, this project seeks to uplift the PWD community by helping them to help themselves[1].

In 1997, KFC Malaysia launched Tabung Penyayang, an effort to fund various CSR programmes for the needy through a percentage of revenue generated. Funds are also collected through strategically placed boxes in every KFC outlet in Malaysia, encouraging customers to contribute to the cause. Donations are then channeled to a broad range of charities and homes.

Source: Add Hope Malaysia (KFC) | Facebook

Acknowledging the plight of hunger faced by disadvantaged communities, KFC seeks to do what it can to alleviate the crisis. Through its Add Hope programme, KFC partakes in the global initiative in fighting world hunger by aiding local charity homes, NGOs and underprivileged families across Malaysia. For approximately 11 years since its launch, over RM25.5 million has been raised for those in need.

More recently, KFC embarked on a CSR campaign called ‘Kita Fight COVID-19’ to lighten the burden of Malaysians who are adversely affected by the pandemic. Their focus is to help underserved communities obtain daily necessities as well as providing medical frontliners with the medical equipment they need[2].  

We recognise the plight of those who are affected by COVID-19 and we believe these feelings are shared widely by all Malaysians. We are calling the public to rally with us to be part of a change that can make a great impact during this time[2]. – Tony Lika, Head of KFC Malaysia

2. Ireka Group

Source: CSR Malaysia

Beyond its strides in construction, real estate, technologies and urban transportation, the Ireka Group sees CSR as an integral part of their business goals and undertakings.

Since the start of Ireka CARES in 2010, the Group intends to develop an ideal living and learning environment for underprivileged communities. Simultaneously encouraging purposeful participation from its staff, Ireka enlists volunteers across all levels in the organisation as part of its commitment to social impact. 

As a kickstart to Ireka CARES, the Group adopted the Lighthouse Children Welfare Home, a shelter for underprivileged children. Building on their expertise as a contractor, developer and IT expert, Ireka helped to maintain and refurbish the Home alongside providing tech support. Ireka staff members also spent time carrying out fun activities with the children throughout the year[3].

Thereafter, Ireka continues to adopt children’s homes and engage with youths through exciting outreach activities. From batik printing, kite-flying outings, trips to Aquaria to soap-making workshops, the Group seeks to foster closer bonds with the children through fun and educational programmes.


In conjunction with its Sports theme in 2015, Ireka CARES also provided these children the opportunity to improve their skills in badminton, swimming and bowling — an initiative made possible by dedicated, enthusiastic Ireka staff who volunteered as mentors.

In March 2020, Ireka CARES volunteers initiated a gardening project at Home of Peace. As a follow-up to its previous trip to Taman Tugu with the children in November 2019, this project was launched to further promote and educate the children about environmental sustainability.

Ireka CARES has gone from strength to strength since 2010 and the credit belongs to the many Irekians who have come forward to help out with the children, giving them great days out time and again[4]. – Fang Ai Choo, Ireka CARES Action Committee Chairperson

3. Spritzer Malaysia

Source: Spritzer | Facebook

Dedicated to strengthening ties with the Malaysian community, Spritzer gives back to society through various wellbeing, educational and environmental initiatives — all of which are carried out in the spirit of volunteerism by its employees.  

Some of its environmental initiatives include recycling programs and contests to promote green practices and sustainable behaviour among Malaysians. Spritzer also embarked on an Island Conservation Programme at Pulau Tioman to conserve and prevent the extinction of coral reefs. Working hand in hand with the Tioman community and an NGO called LegeS Divers, they successfully helped clean up the local beach and underwater environment[5].

Equally dedicated to enhancing community wellbeing, the company also carried out a Blood Donation Drive at Spritzer EcoPark. In partnership with Hospital Taiping, they carried out this campaign to help the hospital replenish their blood bank while simultaneously educating the community on how they can save lives and improve the health of others. 

Source: Spritzer | Facebook

Acknowledging the barriers and stigmas faced by convicts, Spritzer carried out a Prison Employment Programme back during September 2020. In collaboration with the Malaysian Prison Department (Jabatan Penjara Malaysia), Spritzer provided community service opportunities for low-risk prisoners in Taiping, Perak. 

Spritzer Malaysia also recognises that the pandemic has been especially hard on B40 families, the Orang Asli, the homeless and those living in rural areas. For this reason, the company escalated its community outreach programme in April 2021 by partnering with NGOs to distribute aid and clean drinking water to affected communities.

To date, Spritzer has sponsored more than RM60,000 in aid nationwide to NGOs, food banks and restaurants on top of the other donation outreach activities for vulnerable groups[6].

We will continue to monitor and progressively elevate our initiatives to highlight our commitment towards enhancing disclosures and embedding SDG values across the Group[5]. – Spritzer (Annual Report, 2020)

4. EcoWorld Malaysia

Source: EcoWorld Foundation

Via the EcoWorld Foundation (EWF), EcoWorld engages with local communities in key areas, namely youth development and nature conservation, while also supporting the health and wellbeing of the community.

One of their CSR programmes include the Students Aid Programme (SAP), which financially supports disadvantaged students while also propelling their academic potential. In 2020, EWF supported close to 3,000 students from primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions by providing monetary assistance in the form of fee payments, education expenses and financial aid.

To ensure the effectiveness of their programmes, the Foundation frequently engages with students and parents through activities such as UPSR Motivation Camp, learning trips, Excellence Award Ceremony, Dialogue with Parents, Career Talk and home visits[7].

In light of the pandemic, EWF kickstarted a new charity initiative called the Covid-19 Special Aid to provide additional support for needy families under the SAP. RM55,000 worth of grocery vouchers were distributed to over 150 families and 8 shelter homes for orphans and disabled persons.

EWF’s latest effort is the Bantu initiative. Aimed at raising funds through the generosity of its members, many EcoWorld employees showed their solidarity with the less fortunate by making contributions. Having raised over RM80,000 in just two weeks, EcoWorld was able to send out much-needed relief throughout this season of need.

Source: EcoWorld Foundation

EcoWorld also worked with SUKA Society to make education more accessible for Orang Asli children facing socioeconomic barriers. Through their ‘Empower 2 Teach’ programme, EWF sponsored school materials and study sessions worth RM125,700 for Orang Asli preschoolers in Kelantan and Pahang[8]

Besides the Orang Asli, Eco World Foundation has also contributed in helping special needs children by donating to a few Program Pendidikan Khas Integrasi classes (PPKI) providing the children with essential living skills. 

We recognise that sustainable development of the business occurs when our communities develop alongside us[9]. – Dato’ Chang Khim Wah, Chairman of Sustainability Committee and Chief Executive Officer of EcoWorld

5. UOB Malaysia

Source: CSR Malaysia

In its mission to enrich lives and foster caring societies, UOB Malaysia has been committed to supporting the development of the communities in which they operate. With a focus on creating positive social change through art and education, their efforts have helped many underprivileged youths across the region. 

Through the UOB Heartbeat CSR programme, the Group had successfully launched an array of community service efforts. One of these includes UOB My Digital Space, a multi-year education programme to bridge the digital gap for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. By connecting them to a world of digital learning opportunities, UOB seeks to help students overcome academic challenges brought on by the pandemic[10].

In conjunction with Aidilfitri, UOB Malaysia donated 15 laptops to disadvantaged children to ensure that they are not left out from education opportunities amid school closures. The digital devices were distributed to the Raudhatul Al-Faeez children’s home and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)[11].  

Recognising the power of art in broadening minds, UOB Malaysia also held a remote art charity auction for its Commercial Banking clients. RM50,000 was generously contributed for three artworks by Kevin Leong, a student from the Special Children Society of Ampang. Even in their other art-related programs, UOB seeks to continue helping aspiring artists develop their talent, hone their skills, and reach new audiences.

Source: UOB Heartbeat

More recently, UOB employees and their families successfully raised RM 300,000 during the Bank’s annual flagship event, the UOB Global Heartbeat Virtual Run/Walk. Funds raised were then channeled equally to three charities in Malaysia (Food Aid Foundation, SOLS 24/7 and Yayasan Generasi Gemilang) to aid more than 1,300 vulnerable children from B40 families for a year as they recuperate from the disruptions caused by COVID-19.

We hope to offer vulnerable children in our communities the help, care and education they need to overcome challenges and to open up new possibilities. – Mr Mohd Fhauzi Muridan, Executive Director and Country Head of Islamic Banking, UOB Malaysia

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