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7 Ways You Can Make Helping Others Your Resolution For 2021

2021 resolution

2020 was a tough year, indeed. 2021 is here and resolutions are being made. Wiki Impact would like to encourage our readers to consider others whilst making our resolutions for the year. Self-development is highly encouraged but it is also vital to make others’ well being a focus of our year.

Here are seven ways we would suggest you to do so:

#1: Be informed

It is important to understand the plight of the poor through credible sources and evidence based research. You can start with these sources (1) Ted Talks (2) Read the news (3) Wiki Impact’s website

#2: Offer Help Without Being Judgmental

Offer your help without being condescending or judgmental. If you are afraid of what they are going to use your money for, you can offer them something instead.

#3: Ask Questions

The more questions we ask, the more we discover about others – including the poor. Talk to the poor or people working amongst them to build empathy. Ask the poor need rather than tell them what they need.

#4: Volunteer Your Time

Nothing beats being on ground making real effort. If you do not know where to start, visit our site to find organisations closest to you and how you can help.

#5: Consume With A Cause

Where possible, buy your regular items from organisations that gives back to people or the environment.

#6: Fundraise On Your Birthday

Don’t most of us have almost everything we need? Why not do something different on your birthday in 2021 by getting your friends donating to a cause of your choice – instead of giving you gifts you do not need.

#7: Create Meaningful Dialogue

Get a discussion going with your friends and family about something you read. Hear what those older or younger than you think about these social issues.

Let us change our perspective this 2021. Instead of considering the poor as a project or problem to be solved, view them as people with dignity and love them for who they are.

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