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10 Welfare Homes (And Counting) To Give Gifts To, And Their Wishlist

We could all use a little holiday cheer this year. The season of Christmas is a time for giving and receiving for many, but for some people festivities are set to be a difficult time due to the ongoing pandemic. 

Simple acts of kindness are the best way to spread cheer. So, if you’re considering supporting a local community, Wiki Impact contacted more than 10 welfare homes and found out what they need this season and in the coming year. Their wishlist is varied and unique – from daily necessities to monetary support. 

Make this season a special one for these precious ones as you reach out and make a difference in a small or big way.

1. Pusat Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Bahagia, Melaka 

Pusat Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Bahagia, also known as Happiness Centre Malacca has been running since 2000. As of today, it is a centre with 22 residents ranging in ages from 8 to 43 years and is highly dependent on their caregivers. As the caregivers work tirelessly on a 24-hour basis, the overhead cost is estimated at RM28k a month. 

Their wishlist:

Financial donation
The home values financial donations to support their caregivers’ monthly wages, medical needs such as controlled medications.

Bank details
Pusat Kanak Kanak Terencat Akal Bahagia
Public Bank
Account number: 3108010508

Nancy Miranda (Administrator)
012 612 9807

2. Caring For Future Malaysia (CFFM), Sabah 

CFFM Sabah was founded by Mitsuhiko Abe, a Japanese citizen in 2008 and currently houses 8 boys under the age of 18 years old in their home. In the past, the home had managed to become semi-self sufficient with its initiatives. Yet, due to the pandemic, the home has been struggling to sustain itself.

Their wishlist:

1. Chiller for kitchen (Urgent) – 1 pcs 
2. Washing machine – 1 pcs 
3. Monthly: Eggs – 6 trays 
4. Monthly: Milk powder age 7 to17 years old – 1 month x 1kg

Financial donation
The home in the past stayed afloat with their initiatives, however, 60% of their income has been slashed due to the pandemic. They currently rely on the financial support of the general public and donations can be made to their Crisis Appeal Donation Campaign.

Bank details
Caring For The Future (Malaysia) Bhd
Public Bank
Account number: 3148529324
Bank Swift Code (International): PBBEMYKLXXX


3. Desa Amal Jireh, Semenyih

Desa Amal Jireh built on religious piety and the altruistic traits of the founders; Reverend Terrence Sinnadurai and Mrs. Kamala Sinnadurai. The organisation currently provides a safe haven to 81 children and 15 senior citizens.  Their cost of running and preparing meals for 125 pax daily could reach up to RM 130k per month. 

desa amal jireh
Source:Desa Amal Jireh

Their wishlist:

1.Footballs boots
2. Clothes (slacks, jeans, dress, skirts)
3. Sets of toiletries (with shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothbrush, a scrub)
4. Plenty of snacks
5. Simple items that could encourage the children or motivate them

Financial donation
Financial donations are more than welcome to help them support the children better and can be made through online banking or cheque.

Bank details
Bank: Public Bank Berhad (Sg. Chua Branch)
Account number: 3123809427
Account name: Tabung Kebajikan dan Pendidikan Pertubuhan Desa Amal Jireh

Made payable to: DESA AMAL JIREH
Mail to: Desa Amal Jireh, P. O. Box 20, 43007 Kajang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Bank in slip/proof of payment to be sent to:
WhatsApp: 017-339 2780

Ms Tang
WhatsApp: 017-339 2780

4. Rumah Kanak-Kanak Ini Disayangi (K.I.D.S), Klang 

Rumah K.I.D.S provides shelters for 13 girls in their Klang location and 22 boys in their Subang premises, primarily from Indian, Chinese and mixed-race backgrounds. In recent years, the home also housed children with court custody cases through referrals from the Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat or Welfare Department.

Their wishlist:

In kind
3 large dining tables for the girls to convene and have their meals. 

Financial donation
Donations can also be made to their bank account:

Bank details
Persatuan Rumah Kanak-Kanak Ini Disayangi
Account number: 1000-700-20871

Mr. Anbu @  K. Anbalagan,
Phone number: 016-341 7070

5. Handicapped And Mentally Disabled Children’ Association of Johor Bahru

The association, founded in May 1990, is now a custodian to 80 disabled individuals in Banting and 350 people in Johor Bahru. The occupants of the home include children who have been abandoned by their biological families.

Source: THOMAS YONG/The Star

Their wishlist:

1. Grocery items – canned food, milk powder, sugar, cooking oil, butter, jam biscuits
2. Adult diapers (size M and L)
3. Washing machine
4. Dryer

Financial donation
The home also welcomes financial donations to sustain their day-to-day operations. Donations can be made to:

Bank details
Persatuan Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Johor Bahru
Account 1: 80-0594737-4
Account 2: 80-0595160-6

Persatuan Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Johor Bahru 
Phone number: 07 – 598 9676
Whatsapp: 012-776 1465

6. Vision Home, Ipoh, Perak

The non-profit social welfare organisation in Ipoh was established by Pastor Daniel Vello in 1998. The home provides care for orphans, abandoned, underprivileged and needy children irrespective of their race and religion.

Their wishlist:

1. Wall fan (5 units)
2. Stand fan (5 units)
3. Laptop/desktop

Phone number: 05-526 4554

7. Miri Methodist Children’s Home, Miri, Sarawak

The Miri Methodist Children’s Home is a non-profit home ensuring that orphans and underprivileged children are taken care of along with given access to proper education. The 14 children’s expenses under their care including their school fees are supported by the home, assisted by the community support.

Their wishlist:


  1. 1 x Stainless steel non-stick wok (55cm) 
  2. 1 x  Stainless steel Chinese Wok Turner Spatula with wood Handle 
  3. 8  x Alarm Clocks
  4. 5 x  Calculator scientific [ stock ]Casio fx-570MS Scientific Calculator with 401 Functions
  5. 4 x Wall Clock
  6. 20 x ZENTEL tablets 2’s ZENTEL tablets (200mg)
  7. 3 x Kids Jacket (Age 6-8 years )
  8. Tracksuit Panjang Sekolah (kaki cekak) Biru&Hitam
    MATERIAL: SILK COTTON ; One piece for one size
    (24 ,26 ,28 ,30 ,32 ,34 ,36 ,38 ,40,42 ,44 ,46)
  9. 14 x Nail Clippers
  10.  Picture Story Books :(chinese and english) for primary school children 
  11. 5 x Scott’s Emulsion Vita Cod Liver Oil Extra 400ml
  12. 10 x Hat/ Cap

Financial donation
Donations can also be made to them to support their day-to-day operations.

Bank details
Alliance Bank

Miss Yvonne Chua Ee Lin (Home superintendent)
Phone number: 016-265 5258.

8. Shan Children’s Home, Penang 

The Shan Children’s Home initiated in 2005 provides shelter to children from impoverished backgrounds. The home since its establishment is on a mission to rebuild the childrens’ broken lives by ensuring a brighter future for each of them.

Their wishlist:

Gifts for the children
The children at Shan’s would be glad to receive toys and school supplies as their Christmas gifts.

  1. Tarun, (6 years old) – watch 
  2. Gajendran (9 years old) – a remote control car.
  3. Dinesh (10 years old) and Tanuus Raj (10 years old) – G-Shock watch.
  4. Dinesh (10 years old) –  a pair of headset
  5. Andrea Irene (8 years old) – a toy cooking set
  6. Syamala  Devi (9 years old ) – a toy doctor set 
  7. Sri Nytyya  (10 years old ) –  ghost stories comics 
  8. Vasugi  (14 years old) – anime comics
  9. Jamuna (17 years old)  – a scientific calculator 
  10. Kesavarthini (22 years old) – laptop

Financial donation
Financial donation in cash or through bank transfer is welcome to purchase provisions such as foods for the occupants of the Home.

Bank details 
Bank Name   : RHB Bank                  
Account name    : Penang Shan Children’s Home Association
Account Number   : 20702800061135      
Account type     : Current Account

Kurunathan.R | Vice Chairman
Phone number:  0124713042

9. Pusat Kebajikan Kalvari, Johor Bahru

Pusat Kebajikan Kalvari (PKK) has served the needy community since 1989 and has expanded over the years meeting the different needs of the community. The home currently shelters 49 school-going children, not just that it is a sanctuary to over 500 people including special education centre children and caregivers.

Their wishlist:


  1. 5 bags of rice x 20kg (we use about 250kg of rice a month for all the homes under our care)
  2. School stationery, school bags  (49 school going children – both boys and girls)
    17 children aged 12years and below
    32 children aged 13 -17 years old
  3. 49 sets of toiletries (shampoo, body wash, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush)
  4. Food items such as Milo, milk powder and vitamin C for the children 
  5. Volunteers would be needed for their tuition program, especially those that will be sitting for SPM next year. As there are 5 girls that will be sitting for SPM.

Financial donation
For monetary contribution, donation can be done via online transfer or cheque, details as follows.

Bank details
“Pusat Kebajikan Kalvari Johor Bahru”
Maybank Banking Berhad 501132218824
All donations are tax-exempted

Joshua Chong ( Asst. Chief Operation Officer)
Phone number: 016-733 3722
Christine (Admin Office)
Phone number: 016-733 3572

10. Shekinah Care Centre, Rasah, Negeri Sembilan

The Shekinah Care Centre located in Rasah takes care of 25 school-going children. Recently, they have built new rooms for the children and need manpower to apply the finishing details to the rooms (i.e. painting the walls, tiles, wiring). 

Source: Mr Lucas from Shekinah Rasah personal archive

Their wishlist:


  1. Volunteers to help them finish the childrens’ room (i.e. painting the walls, tiles, wiring)
  2. Awning for the newly built rooms 
  3. 1 x whiteboard with wheels

Financial  donation
At the same time, monetary donations are welcomed for them to be able to purchase materials to enhance the childrens’ rooms. Donations can be made to:

Bank details 
Shekinah Care Centre
Account number: 8008847632

011-2628 1973

11. Rumah Ozanam, Petaling Jaya 

Rumah Ozanam in Petaling Jaya is one of the care centres under the patronage of The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SSVP). The home shelters 24 children within the age range of 5 to 18 years old from tough backgrounds.

Their wishlist:

1. Cooking oil – 5 kg x 5 bottles
2. Koko Krunch cereal – 500g x 5 boxes
3. Honey Star cereal – 500g x 5 boxes
4. Milo – 2kg x 5 packet
5. Buttercup spread 1kg x 4 tin
6. Cordial juice – 5 bottles
7. Peanut butter spread – 500g x 6 bottles
8. Jam spread – 450g x 6 bottles
9. Nutella spread – 500g x 4 bottles
10. Packet drinks (Milo, Milk, Chocolate milk, Soybean, Lychee) – 6 crate (all mix)
11. Condensed milk – 1kg x 10 tin
12. Brown sugar – 1kg x 10 packets
13. Baba’s Meat Curry Powder – 1kg x 5
14. Baba’s Chilli Curry Powder – 1kg x 3
15. Liquid dishwasher – 5 bottles
16. Floor cleaner – 5 bottles
17. Brown rice – 2kg x 2 packet
18. Chicken burger patty – 6 packet
19. Fish burger patty – 6 packet
20. Nuggets – 5 packet
21. Seafood balls (bebola seafood) – 5 packet

Provisions can be delivered to:
Rumah Ozanam
15, Lorong 4/48E,
Jalan Padang, 46050 Petaling Jaya
03- 77819013/017 -6040837

Financial donation
In addition to the food provision required by the home, they welcome financial donations from members of the public due to the no visitation rule for the time being.

Bank details
The National Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Account number: 1733-0296-12

Mr Xavier 017 873 1975
Priscilla – 017 604 0837
Rumah Ozanam 15, Lorong 4/48E,
Jalan Padang, 46050 Petaling Jaya.

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