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Wiki Impact is an online platform dedicated to the impact industry. We share stories and data on issues that matter, highlighting impact-driven organisations and changemakers on the ground. Now, everyone can experience the impact industry, get data to give effectively, and bring more fulfilment and purpose to life.

Changemakers can build credibility, raise awareness, find talent and use the data and stories on Wiki Impact to further strengthen their work. Wiki Impact partners with changemakers to raise awareness on a spectrum of social issues via various interactive events such as webinars, forums, and IG Live conversations.

Part of what makes the impact space so exciting is how quickly it’s evolving and changing, but for job seekers, that also makes it confusing. Wiki Impact is a simple to use digital platform where changemakers can post jobs, internships or volunteer opportunities and interested individuals can apply via the site.

Organisations that have a clear positive impact or contribute to the big picture of the greater good for the nation or world at large are welcomed to create an account on Wiki Impact: 

Nonprofits: Known as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and nonprofit organisations (NPOs) that are set up for the social or environmental good and not for profit-making. This includes charitable organisations, foundations, societies and associations. 

Impact-driven organisations: These businesses have impact as one of their core bottom-lines – apart from profits. Impact-driven organisations have clear social or environmental missions and the business exists to solve specific societal or environmental issues. Impact-driven organisations include social enterprises or businesses and impact investment organisations that invest in impact-driven businesses. 

Organisations with credible and evident Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. For this category, eligibility is based on CSR or annual reports or public documentation that clearly define and demonstrate commitment and credibility to social and/or environmental impact.

The data corroborated, collated and communicated on Wiki impact seeks to give changemakers a more holistic and informed narrative of the issues surrounding us. We hope that the data and stories presented will help changemakers make better decisions on where to channel their resources to the most pressing needs. We are passionate about raising awareness and amplifying good work.

Do you have data and stories to share? Maybe an idea or a proposal? Connect with us and let’s get the conversation going! 

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What Is An Impact Job?

Impact jobs exist to address specific social or environmental issues. They are commonly found in non-profit organisations, foundations and governmental departments. Over the years, impact jobs have extended beyond the traditional institutions to include social enterprise, impact investment firms and corporate social responsibility departments. 

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