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From pioneering politicians to groundbreaking activists, and visionary entrepreneurs to champions of liberty, Malaysian women have been the driving force behind progress and change. 

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Where Are The Poor?

The following maps show where the poor are in different parts of Malaysia – based on household income and salaries earned.

Distance To School Map

This map provides you the opportunity to see the area of needs for education in Malaysia. This map shows you distance from homes to schools.

Changemakers Map

On this map you will see pins of changemakers in Malaysia who are helping to alleviate poverty in creative and practical ways.

Impact Series

Malaysia has enjoyed the benefits of Klang Valley’s rapid development, leading to prosperity and higher living standards for most of its citizens. However, there remain economic and social gaps that need to be addressed.

The homeless, urban poor, refugees and marginalised are part of the fabric of KV. Equity, equality and empathy must be extended to all.

Over 3.9 million people live in this diverse and resource-rich state of Malaysia. 42 ethnic groups inhabit Sabah’s magnificent and expansive landscape, and the majority of Sabahans are natives.

Yet, Sabah remains one of the poorest states in Malaysia. Every voice needs to be heard, no one left behind and basic human rights must be granted to all who call Sabah their home.

With 1.77 million people in 2021, Penang is the second-largest city in West Malaysia by population. It’s dubbed the “Silicon Valley of The East” for its many tourist attractions and economic powerhouse status in Malaysia.

Yet, amidst the booming success, some fall through the cracks. To ensure the “Pearl Of The Orient” remains glistening, the plights of every individual must be heard.


Spotlight On Districts

Spotlight is a series that aims to highlight the needs and gaps in the poorest districts of every state in Malaysia.

If you’re a changemaker (NGO, association, government led initiative, etc) that is involved in alleviating poverty, this data will help you to make impactful and informed decisions on where to channel and focus your resources and efforts.

The data will also inform policy makers and communicators better understand the state of poverty in these districts, thus giving a voice to the voiceless.

Pakan, Sarawak

Poorest district in Sarawak

Lojing, Kelantan

Poorest district in Kelantan

Besut, Terengganu

Poorest district in Terengganu

Rompin, Pahang

Poorest district in Pahang

PITAS, Sabah

Poorest district in Sabah


Smallest state in Malaysia

Tongod, Sabah

Poorest district in Sabah

Pakan, Sarawak

Poorest district in Sarawak


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Receive monthly digest about jobs, news and events. Promise, no spam! You can unsubscribe anytime.

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